Hope Sticks Out

March 20th, 2009
Hope Sticks it OutSee the picture? I was amazed the other week when I arrived home after a slippery drive through slush covered roads and freezing temperatures and found what you see in the picture frozen solid to the hub of my wheel. I cant ever recall seeing anything like that and I was immediately struck by the thought that there must be something there that I can use. I quickly snapped a picture of it and have been pondering it, showing it to everyone I can think of. Have you ever seen anything like it? View image

I looked at that picture and am even looking at it now. The conditions must have been just right for the slush to freeze like that. I think that we are like that. I know it may seem like a stretch, but hear me out.

Our lives are always in motion. We want everything to be just so with a smooth transition from day to day. We want to plan things out and include the things that will enrich us and eliminate the things that detract from us, drain us negatively, and suck the life out of us. We go through school and learn. We surround ourselves with people, friends and family who understand us, support us, love us and allow us to be ourselves, and love them, support them, understand them in return.

If the conditions are right, we begin to build on the smooth exterior of our lives and the people and things, experiences and knowledge begin to produce a landscape on our spinning lives and provide us with character and unusualness and we become different from those around us. The Lord makes us all different but we stand out as we spin our way through this cold world and build upon ourselves in such a way that makes others pause, and wonder. “Look at that! They are so unusual!” and we have an impact.
But maybe those icy points clinging to the spinning tire are also like the hope and encouragement I’m trying to throw your way. Maybe if you are down in the dumps of life, you need to hear that although you can’t see it right now, things will get better. Maybe if you surround yourself with encouragement, despite the spinning forces and improbability of it occurring, some just might stick and soon you are different. At some point you might just stand back and say “I’ve changed. hmmmmm……” and you begin to contemplate the conditions and events that occurred in order to bring the change about.

I drove through a lot of sloppy slush in conditions that enabled the icicles to form on the hub of my wheel. The appearance of the hub was changed. I think that’s what happens to us when we surround ourselves with the right conditions, which is the right people, places and things, and then go through whatever it is that we have to go through. We change. Inside and out, we change.

We can’t avoid going through trials in our lives. Just when we think we have it all under control something happens and we find that its cold out there and tough going. Ever gone through some times like that? I have, and I can tell you that that’s when you find out who your true friends are. Sometimes, you don’t know exactly who is your friend till you fall or fail. I was amazed at who chose to support me, love me, reach out to me when I fell. My life became that picture above. I really thought that I could do it all myself and didn’t need anyone. My life was smooooth. But when that smooth veneer blew off and all my rough edges, cracks and broken fences were exposed, I needed people to come and put me back in order. They became the icicles of my life and I am so proud to show them off to the whole world today. I know that it was they who covered over my flaws and healed my broken spirit. They led me back to the cross and that’s where I am today. And that’s where I’m waiting. And that’s where I’ll lead you if you’ll just let me become an icicle on the spinning wheel of your life. Who knows, it just might change you, forever.

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