A Week Of Soldiers Hope

May 18th, 2009

veterans-dayThinking of this week that leads up to Memorial day, I couldn’t help but begin to think of the stories of soldiers, the hopelessness of war and the tragedy that breaks over all of us as waves of relentless devastation crash into us as individuals, families, communities and Nation. We as a people have been spared so much and the battles that have taken place on our shores and lands pale in comparison to the virtually countless battles that plague the rest of the world even to this day. We can take the stance that we know suffering, but truly, while we have suffered, we as a people have forgotten what suffering really means on a national scale and the sadness of that reveals an arrogance that spells hopelessness for the generations to come. For once we forget, once we fail to pass on, once we forget the lessons we were supposed to learn, we only matter to ourselves and suffering no longer binds us together. Then we are lost and merely floating along, oblivious of the rocks that surely lay ahead.

We do our generations to come, our legacy, our future, a great disservice when we neglect to pass on not only the suffering, but the bright spots of hope amidst the tragedies, and allow them to believe that something good can and does, happen even in the worst of situations. Isn’t that what many of us have experienced in our lives today? Isn’t that what brings us together? We suffer, and thus, we relate. We Relate to one another by birth but its our humanity that binds us into close knit communities and allows us to love, be compassionate, be sympathetic, be empathetic and helpful when we see another who just needs the touch from another life that understands.

I have found so many stories from soldiers, have experienced a few of my own as well, that sing out the hope that exists in the terrible situations of war and conflict. This week I will attempt to bring some of them to your mind and try not to do them a disservice in the telling of their stories.

This week, try and keep your eyes out for a vet. Remember that they have been through the grinder and seen things people should not have to see in order that the world might exist the way it does today. Yes, their actions have made the world exactly the way it is today. The pessimist will say it’s resulted in so much trouble and problems. The optimist will smile and thank the vet for the freedoms we have. Nothing is perfect, nor is any one. But the world is better because of those who have served the cause of Freedom and believed in Hope, even when there was no reason for it. YOU are the recipient of their Hopefulness and service.

Come back and read their stories during this week. I think you will be glad you did.

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  1. YG Says:

    Thank YOU for your service. This is an excellent way to honor those who have given so much in order to protect and serve people they don’t know and have never nor will ever meet. Thank you for honoring our veterans and thank you for being a beacon of hope to so many.

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