Who is this Site Intended For?

The question arises regarding the focus of this vision and who it is that this site is trying to reach.
You’re here aren’t you?

Have you ever experienced a feeling of desperation.
Have you lost something or someone special in your life.
Do you have stoires of unrealized expectation.
Ever been victimized?
Ever been wronged?
Ever wrong someone and dealt with the consequences as the fullness of your actions are realized?
Have you been separated from a loved one?

Even if none of those things are a reality to you, and I’m truly thankful if they are not, there have been times when you have felt as if there is no hope. It’s a void, a palpable blackness that presses in and tells you, lies to you, and says “there’s no way out. You’re doomed. Thats it. Throw in the towel. It’s too much for you. Give up.”

It might be just a short term thing or a long standing issue you’ve struggled with for years. There are scars we all carry around; some close to the surface, others so deep within us we never even acknowledge their existance and we guard them like some twisted treasure bending the good intentions of our lives to their every twinge and tweek. They cry for attention and we feed them. Those struggles demand so much from us and soon we forget our reason, our purpose and there is a dimming of light in our life until only darkness, hopelessness remains. Thats the goal. With hopelessness there is defeat.

But Hope is there. Its there in the darkness but you have to want to find it. We reach and grasp blindly in the darkness at the straws that form what the illusion of our mind calls the concrete walls of our lives. We look for stability as the dizzyness of the darkness, that vertigo you get when the light goes out, threatens to overwhelm every rational thought we have. How do we find it? Where do we look when in that blackness sweeps over? We look but don’t see. We reach and hopefully there is a hand, connected to a real person, for us to grab onto.

Can I fix it? No. But I can tell you that I’ve been in some pretty hopeless situation and I have experienced some miraculous things as I reached out in darkness, nearly screeming in pain and found that hand reaching back.

Are you there? Is the light of truth in your life dimming? Has it nearly gone out? Maybe you’ll find what I hope you’ll find in these pages: hope. All I can do is tell you my story. Bit by bit; piece by piece and let you know, you’re not alone. There is hope. You’ve not walked in my shoes nor I in yours. Your story is special and unique. But what we have together is the commonality of our human condition that is bound by the fragility of our nature and our suseptibility to error and loss, mistakes and victimization to the point that maybe we can only say, “I hear you, thats gotta hurt.” Come on, lets walk together. We’ll rub some dirt on our wounds and move from the darkness into the light, the truth, for someone walked me, showed me the way, and my job was to come back for you.

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