Broke Back Blessing

February 18th, 2009

Tell me you’ve had back problems and you have my immediate sympathy. If you haven’t, as I have said so often in my writings, consider yourself very, very fortunate and blessed. Let me tell you the latest episode with mine and i’ll try and not make it some sappy sob story! If I do, lemme know!!

On January 10, 2009 while trying to remove a seized bolt from a bracket on the front end of my truck, I put so much force on the ratchet that it shattered and I went over backwards. I felt a pull but nothing too bad and I continued to work. There is no heat in the garage so the floor was cold and I had spent a full day sitting on it which spelled disaster for my back.

The next day I could hardly move. Monday came and I couldn’t go to work and so off the the Dr. I went. “It’s just a sprain”, he said. Cool. That’ll heal in no time. I took the anti-inflammatory drugs he gave and was hoping to be back to work in a day or so. No.

Two days later I was on the floor of my kitchen with my wife standing over at me asking, “OK, can we go to the hospital now?” Apparently my “I’m fine” statements were no longer holding water since I was unable to stand and the pain was no longer hidable. So, crawling down the stairs, out the door, into the back seat of the Jeep, we went to the hospital. They gave me a shot and set up an appointment for an MRI. “That’ll be a thousand dollars.” No please, no nothing. Just reeeeaaallll good advice, “try to relax” and a shot. Super.

Next day the MRI showed one torn disk and two bulging. Not too bad. So it was off to a pain specialist for epidurals and then rehab which will go on for months. Here’s the bad part. There is no short term disability for me so after my 70 hours of vacation time for the year was used up,(which I’m so thankful that I even get, since many of you probably don’t get any vacation time), I haven’t been getting paid and have been off work since then. Thankfully, I think the back it well enough that I will have gone back to work exactly 4 weeks after the initial injury.

Talk about a mixed blessing though! These four weeks have been amazing. I have truly enjoyed the time I’ve been able to reach out to you all and begin my other writing anew. The worry over no income really wasn’t an issue. Somehow, by the grace of God, all our bills have been met and we are still ok. I know that right now with the economy the way it is there are many of you suffering financially. There are homes that some of you may be getting ready to lose. Bills that are piling up. Some of you are borrowing from credit cards just to make ends meet. Your kids still have to eat. Your home still needs heat and there is so much that’s pulling at your purse strings for attention. Its hard. I know. Hang in there. Make the best decisions you can and know that you are not alone.

The cynic will say “yeah, so what I’m not alone! That doesn’t pay my bills!” No my friend, it doesn’t. But as I wrote months ago, sometimes all we can do as people is acknowledge that there are some extremely unfair things in this world that we fall victim to, and all we can do is put an emotional hand on each others shoulder and say, “That stinks. I see your pain, and I feel for you. Maybe I can’t help, but I am willing to walk with you. You’re not alone.”

I’m thankful I didn’t have to walk through this injury alone. I have a lot of ground to make up and I am never able to regain the loss of time and money from the past month. But I won’t live back there. I’m excited for what tomorrow holds for both you and I. Guess what? It might just get worse. But if I don’t face it, I will never know if it’ll get better either. Remember that warrior? It’s better to have faced your fears and failed than to be one of the timid soul that stands on the sidelines and will never taste victory nor defeat. I’m so excited for the future. Lets go.

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