The Memory of Web
September 22nd, 2008

It came to me today! And then it floated away: a memory.
I felt helpless and my mission pointless, as I gathered the buckets drawing feed for the cows from the old gravity bin dad had built in the far corner of the barn beyond the three pens the cows were in. I climbed the ladder to the hay mowes and hurled the heavy hay bales and much lighter straw bales down that we’d need for the day. But my mind was distracted. I knew an era would come to an end on this seemingly perfect day. A life would be over. A friend would be lost. Dead.

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Hope Beyond You
September 18th, 2008

Its been about six years now since that terrible night.

It was a rainy evening during that 2002 summer, dark and not a whole lot was going on in our communities and so most people were enjoying time at home with family. As happens during those evenings, disputes break out and some arguments escalate and the police are called to quell the mounting tension. Such was the case on the night of May 18th, 2002.

The call came out of a disturbance and a veteran officer responded to a local trailer park and signed out on scene. As is routine, after a few minutes the dispatch began to call the officer to check on his well being but those calls went unanswered.

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