Foggy Hope

April 29th, 2009

foggy-roadDriving in my work truck this morning I passed through an area of fog that was pretty thick. This particular area is effected by bad weather consistently throughout the year. In the winter time it snows there when it doesn’t snow any where else. It ices up when there is no ice anywhere else and it gets foggy when there is little fog any where else.

It was very early in the morning and my headlights did their best to cut through the dense soupy mix but all I was able to see was a few feet of the double yellow lines and the white fog line on the shoulder. I slowed a bit but being familiar with the road I kept on a a pace that was probably greater than I should have been traveling at. Leaning on the wheel, it occurred to me that this was exactly like life. There are times when we have it all under control and travel along at breakneck speeds, sure of where we started and even surer of where we are ending up. But then,……..we encounter the fog.

We are so confident and then we just can’t seem to see where we are going. Have you ever driven down a road you have never been on before when it’s covered with thick soupy fog? It is a frightening experience. You know there is a road, you know it goes somewhere, you think it’s going where you need to go, but you can’t see beyond the few feet the headlights penetrate. But you move forward anyway. Isn’t that just like life?

We so often think we have it all under control. We travel through our days confidently, and suddenly there comes a time of uncertainly, doubt and blindness that causes us to give pause. We encounter the fog of life. Hope…drives us forward through that fog towards the destination that lies where we desire to be. We strive towards our goals and our dreams. It can be terrifying to move forward though the fog but we CANNOT just sit there and do nothing. Believe this: there IS another side to the fog and when we come through and look back, we know that the journey was traveled. Seems simple doesn’t it? “The journey was traveled.” Hmmm. Thats it? No.

We travel through those periods in our life because we are limited and can’t know it all. We would love to know what the future holds and people go to great lengths to try and find out the future. But we are not meant to know. I think we go through those times so that our character is built up, we learn to walk by faith, not by sight, and we are then able to encourage others as they too go through the fog of life.

If you are going through something right now in which the outcome is uncertain, keep going. The Fog Of Life is the great blessing that waters the fertile soil of faith our Savior has placed in the garden of our life. Count the blessings of it and know that you matter. It will clear up soon enough, even if you can’t see past it right now.

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