March 19th, 2009
H: Hold
O: On while
P: Praying
E: Ernestly

When I say that I’m hoping for you, thats what I’m doing.  You matter.  You are being prayed for and while there may not be any way out of the situation you see yourself in, I am asking for you to have the strength to hold on just one more day.  It’s a tough thing to do and we all need champions in our corners cheering for us.  When I was locked away in a dark room for months on end, I felt that there was no hope.  But people were hoping for me.  They were praying for me when I felt like I just couldn’t talk to God.  They championed my cause before the Lord and He answered!  I never knew it at the time and most likely you won’t either.  But He did.  Just when you think He isn’t responding, He doesn’t hear, He doesn’t care and He’s not active, that’s the time that He’s most likely to be doing something and satan doesn’t want you to know it. 

Think of it this way:  the main way a magician gets his tricks by you is through distraction and misdirection.  Thats whats happening.  The Lord is moving in the circumstances and we become distracted and never even see or feel Him.  He’s there.  He’s real.  He loves you and me and He gave us His Son.  Hang in there.  One more day.  I’m HOPE-ing for you.  Hope for me too. 

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