Nourishment for the Starving

April 23rd, 2009

Hope for the Hopeless is like food to the starving person.

People know they need food, they desperately want it but if they devour it all at once, they are sure to be sick as their body, unable to accept it, rejects their effort to save it. They need to be nourished in small amounts back to health as their body, feeding on itself, essentially learns to process regular, normal, healthy nourishment.  They also generally need help to get back to health.  They need someone with knowledge, control, a sincere heart and desire to see them well again, to come along side them to assist and walk them down that road to recovery.

Sadly, some people just give up and waste away.  Many look on, heartbroken and helpless to assist.  They desire to help but sometimes there is no opportunity and other times there is no knowledge on how to help.

Isn’t that just like being devoid of hope?  Starving for hope is exactly the same thing in many ways.  We have had times in our lives when the answers to questions and problems lay right in front of us and to most people it seems as if we are just not willing to make a move to help ourselves.  But the reality is that although a buffet of hope, promise, prosperity, emotional riches and real joy may be right in front of us, the emotional and psychological weakness of our condition, the desolate desert of our minds renders us unable to take in the mountain of hope that lays all about us.  We either can’t see it or we reject it because just as our bodies will reject food and water if we are starving to death, our minds will reject it.

“Why don’t you just………”, “You should do………”, “All you need to do is……….”.  To those who have never been in a completely hopeless state, these beginning phrases make all the sense in the world.  Simple solution to a simple problem.  But you can’t.  It may make you sicker than ever before.  Does something need to be done?  Yes.  Does the hurting person need an emotional physician?  Yes.  I’m not that person, but I understand.  I’ve been there. What helped me to get healthier was a consistent, persistent, steady, rock solid message that things would turn around.  All I could take in was tiny bits of hope and I needed something to believe in.  My real friends, much different from whom I believed to be my friends, and family would simply listen as I cried, not judge me when I failed, help me up when I had fallen, and tell me to take another step.  Just one more.  That was six years ago.

I was without hope back then and it’s been a long walk to get to today.  I’ve not walked alone and as the Footprints Poem says in so many words, as I look back and see only one set of footprints in the sand, that wasn’t me walking alone, it was the Lord carrying me when I was too weak to carry myself.  He placed many people in my life that He has used to help me along.  Many of those are no longer in my life, but they will never not be a part of the new walls of my life that sit atop His foundation.  I can see the way He used them to build me back up, to “remodel” my life and remove the broken windows, hanging siding, sagging floors and leaking roof.  The dilapidated house that was my life had to be torn down and built back up again.  And it was.  He became my foundation and used “contractors” to build me back up again.

Maybe this is one of those contractors for your life.  Use it for all its worth.  On His foundation He wants to build you into a mansion.  Take one more step.  Don’t take it all on yourself.  It can get to be too much.  Trust and try.  There is a tomorrow and it’s a gift.  Treasure it.

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2 Responses

  1. Lisa Says:

    you sound like you are in a much better place than you were just a little while ago. Happier: at least more possitive. Keep up the great work.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    its a good way to understand people who seem to be in a hopeless position and to see it put into words that make sense.

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