September 23, Her Birthday

September 23rd, 2008

How can it be that so many years have gone by?  Today is my daughters birthday.

It seems like just a few days ago that she was born in that Bucks County Hospital.  Any of you who have had children can remember what it was like on the day your first-born came into this world.  Oh man, what an experience.  For all those months beforehand you talked about it, prepared for it, planned and hoped.  You wondered, worried, read and sought the Dr’s. approval and assurance that all was going right.  For us, everything went as well as it possibly could and on this day, all those years ago, she came into this world.

Wow!  I was in shock.  I loved carrying her around, showing her off.  I hoped and dreamed for her.  Actually, I’m at a loss to describe how wonderful a daughter she is to us.  She has grown so much and we have passed on whatever knowledge we could to her and she has become what we always wanted her to be, a responsible young lady who has great promise and a bright future.  She is funny, witty, intelligent, talented, athletic, and level headed.  Sometimes I forget just how old she is and still see her, as I probably always will, as this little child, my baby, my first born.

The cakes get bigger with more candles but the joy we feel as we watch her grow and mature will never change.  She will always be that little girl diving into her first cake.  I love her so.

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  1. Your Daughter Says:

    Thanks so much daddy! I love what you wrote. I love you and am so glad your MY daddy.

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