The Misery Option

March 24th, 2009

miseryHow many of you have heard of Joel Osteen? Odds are there are a great many of you who have. Joel has a ministry that has touched many peoples lives in positive ways and has pointed the way to the cross in fantastic ways. This past Sunday morning I was waking up an flipping through channels when I came across his broadcast and I heard him say something that really strikes at the heart of this ministry of hope and relates a truth that many of the stories I write about have within them.

Joel said: “Disappointments are mandatory. Misery is optional.” He was talking about redeeming the time and making the most of every day and every hour and every moment we have. We all are bound to experience disappointments in our lives. We all will face tragedy of some kind or another. Natural or man made disasters, accidents, incidents, economic problems, interpersonal issues, and things like these will effect us in one way or another. But feeling miserable over them is an option. You do have a choice. When we shift our focus to the one in control of the circumstances and events, they become less powerful in-and-of-themselves to effect us negatively.

Sure we will get down. Sure we will doubt. Sure we will ask “why”. Sure we will wonder if it will ever end. But when we take those cares and concerns to the cross, ask them, express them and lay them there, the load no longer rests on us. Misery has no place to rest. Christ has taken the burden from us and as our Lord, he takes them, lightens our load and actually builds us up through them. Sure He will carry us through them. He may not allow us to avoid them. But He will never leave us or forsake us. He’s promised that. Hang in there. Look to our Savior who hold all the answers and strength, joy and mercy, grace and forgiveness we will ever need. Our cares are His concern.

Misery is an option. Give it no place to land when disappointments come along. They will come, misery has to be invited. I know. ‘Cause just like you, I’ve had my fair share of disappointment, mostly from myself, and I’ve invited misery in because it seemed like the most welcome friend I had. I had yet to meet my Best Friend. Now, He cancels the invitation I send to misery and lets me rest under His wings where I’m the most vulnerable and yet the safest. You have a choice. Believe it’ll get better. Work as if it all depends on you. Pray as if it all depends on Him, for it really does. Hope says there is a better way. That way of Hope is in Him……….D

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