Very Real Pain

April 25th, 2012

For all of you out there who have ever had the hope of a deep meaningful friendship ripped away from you, your pain is real and known. Doesn’t it make it worse when the people say they know what’s best and what’s better for you than you do?

Deep meaningful, life changing friendships are so rare and when they are lost there is a chasm of emptiness that leaves one immersed in the coldness of the abyss. Its depth and weight are real and even the sunshine doesn’t reach the deep depths you’re taken to. I don’t know where the hope is in that. Everyone seems ready to tell you what do do, how to act and how to feel. They say its for the best and you’re left wondering and shouting “HOW?”. But their answers are directive and devoid of emotion and real meaning. Your pain is real.

But its even worse when the responsibility for the loss rests solely on your own shoulders. Man it hurts to have failed so badly.

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