What Lies Beneath

April 24th, 2009

See this Picture? I was at a quarry the other day just as the sun was coming up and I saw this scene and it hit me how our lives are like that quarry wall. I was struck by how the layers of rocks run at angles stretching towards the surface and yet the surface seems to run counter, or defiant to what lies beneath. There is power, strength, weakness and faults that lie just beneath the fertile surface of the earth. There are trees and grass that grow on top, beautiful scenery that exists for us to see but we just don’t know the layers and angles of the things that have occurred in the lives of others.

The things we allow people to see of ourselves often is much different than what lies beneath the surface, no? We struggle at sharing those things with others in ways that will be understanding for them and us just like Geologists struggle and search for an understanding of what lies below. We often don’t even want to share of ourselves or delve into others for a wide variety of reasons, most of which has to do with becoming vulnerable as we show exactly what our make up is and where our faults lie.

But just like this picture, when we reveal ourselves, isn’t it beautiful? Doesn’t it cause a wonder and amazement that there is such beauty on top and beneath such a contrast? Maybe it’s just me, but I see such a conflict here and such a beautiful depiction of how our lives are. I’d be willing to bet that the men who work that quarry rarely see the beauty in those walls anymore. But bring someone new into your life, enter the lives of others anew, and maybe that beauty, always there, will be revealed in a new and special way.

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