Where Greatness Exists

April 27th, 2009


True Greatness

exists in your Hopes and Dreams

and the effort you commit to reaching them.


I think I’ve always had this idea that in order to be something in life I had to become great.  But time and experience has worn away the flaws in that thinking like the wind against the sandstone outcroppings in places out west and only the strongest parts remain standing, far different in appearance from what originally stood so long ago.

Some might say that reality struck and the hopes and dreams, goals and desires became normalized in comparison to everything else in this world.  But I disagree.  Greatness lies within each and every one of us.  That greatness is expressed in the depth of our character and the decisions we make on a daily basis which moves us forward and effects so many people around us.  When we realized that our life is not about us, but about glorifying our Savior and lifting others up around us, then the effort we expell seems minimal in comparison with what’s returned to us.

Hopes and Dreams are critical. We all need them.  But so often the world tries to crush them and destroy us in the process.  But keeping your focus and committing your energies to them, you achieve greatness.  Think of the movie Rudy. Here is a story of a young man wanting to play football for Notre Dame.  At every turn in the road he was thwarted.  But he had heart.  His greatness was not based on talent.  His greatness was based on heart.  He poured every ounce of effort and focus into moving towards an uncertain goal.  There was no guarantee that he would suit up for a single game.  But he kept at it anyway.  That’s what made him great.  And that’s what makes us great too.  Have a dream.  Have a hope.  Long for something positive and go after it.

Greatness lies within you and you live it out everyday.  When you live, play, work or laugh with heart, its infectious.  It catches peoples attention…….and life becomes………..alive.  Dream and hope.  That’s where greatness exists.

Go rent the movie Rudy.  You won’t regret it.

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